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Primary Health Choice, Inc.

Primary Health Choice, Inc. was established in 2003 with a small core group of personnel, largely still employed with the company today, who had a specific goal in mind. That goal was to design and implement psychological-based strategies for consumers and develop professional, therapeutic working relationships within the home, school and community arenas. We strive to improve the quality of life for our consumers throughout the Eastpointe, Sandhills, and Trillium catchment areas through support services, partnerships, and education. Upon establishment, the agency had one office serving approximately fifty consumers. However, over the past years, we have experienced continuous positive growth and today we serve 600 consumers in spanning throughout NC. Our agency has an impressive history of controlled growth and a fiscally sound budget.

The mission that has evolved from the groundwork of our agency reflects our commitment to enabling all individuals and families, by means of our professional service, to sustain an improved quality of life. We believe that the most critical element of this philosophy is that the individual we serve must be considered the most fundamental aspect of the decision-making process. It is within that context that we partner with our stakeholders to understand the wide-ranging and multifaceted impact the individual has on the therapeutic process for him or herself and others, so that we may provide strengthening services for the individual.

This agency’s mission is to be committed in helping and providing all individuals and families with quality services that enhance, grow and maintain a high quality of life. The needs of each and every individual we serve are first and foremost. Our belief is that every individual should receive excellent services regardless of challenging circumstances experienced by the individual and family.

Why Choose Primary Health Choice, Inc.?

"Primary Health Choice has been a great agency and I have always been pleased with the quality and professionalism that they have always shown my family. My son has always been their number one priority. Primary Health Choice, Inc. is dedicated to providing customers and family with the best care."
- Anonymous, 2017

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